Are you living your passion?

Updated: May 4

Whenever there is a Full Moon in Scorpio it provides a rather high energy cycle of inner growth. This Scorpio Full Moon highlights issues of trust, control and power. It is a time to blossom in what ever you want to change in your life. In particular are you working in a field of passion or are you just working?

This April's Full Moon has an intensity of being a Pink Super Moon with the Scorpion challenges, such as 'sting' for us to release our resistance to change and to overcome our limitations by remaining available to continuously transform. In order to keep growing, this Super Full Moon highlights our attachments to our fears of loss, powerlessness and betrayal. During the astrological energy of this Super Full Moon we are gifted the opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and know that we are supported in making that step into new possibilities and path.

As we embrace the energy of the Super Full Moon as it comes closer to earth over the next week, don't be afraid to adjust your plans, allow your heart and mind to stay open, and remember there is always more than one path to where you desire to be. Ultimately, if we can embrace change and trust life it will be an enjoyable moon ride.

Our next Full Moon Kundalini Yoga and Sound Meditation class will embrace the power of April's Super Moon.

Sat Nam

Guru Devi and Sita Simran


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