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April Astrology Reading

by Sharon Jacobson

Rise of the Voices that Protect the Earth

In this New Moon chart we find a shield wall of conspicuously feminine planets and asteroids in the sign of Aries - symbol of war, assertion, fiery passion, the freedom to follow our own instincts, the will to stand for what matters to us, and the courage to resist.

Flanking the sun and moon are the archetypes of Ceres, principle of Mother love and nurturance; Eris, the take-no-shit rejected feminine who shines a light on systemic hypocrisy; and Venus, goddess of love, self-love and all that we value and cherish. With Mercury, planet of communication, standing beside Chiron the wounded healer, also in the sign of Aries, the voice of the feminine is learning to assert itself: to rise up and speak out for the protection of the Earth, for the sanctity of life and for the reinstatement of the Natural Order.

With Mars now moving away from being in direct square to Neptune, many people are recognising the mainstream media as a tool of propaganda - a psychic quicksand of confusing rhetoric in which it is no longer possible to find any solid ground. In the 1980s former Director of the CIA, William Casey, was attributed with saying this;

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

35 years later it looks like the CIA has well and truly achieved its aim. When Pluto returns to its original place on the birth chart of the USA day of independence in February 2022, we may finally see the revelation of a multitude of secret programs and agendas hidden behind the dark curtain of propaganda.

In this time of great change we are witnessing a direct resonance with the totalitarian era of the Second World War as illustrated in George Orwell’s novels Animal Farm (1944) and Nineteen Eighty Four (1948). In these novels, language is used as a tool of manipulation, abuse and control by those in power as a way of hiding their true intentions. The pigs in command in Animal Farm invert the principle of equality on the farm to serve their own interests:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

In this new moon chart we find an exact square between Pluto and Venus, symbolising the transformation of values from a corrupt hierarchical system to one that reflects the idea of the circle of life, a true equality. The task at hand is for the human collective to determine what it is that serves life and to come together to protect those things as sacred and inviolable:

Mother Earth as womb of life and all creation

The Waters of life that cleanse and purify

The Air that we breathe, messenger of Spirit

The Fires of growth and transformation

In veneration for the sacred elements, we will come together this new moon to chant the Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity for 62 minutes. This is a profoundly powerful mantra that connects us to the energy of the Universal Sacred Mother.

blessings Sharon


Join Sharon and devpreet in the Amrit Vela 5-7am Sunday 11th for our monthly community chant. It s a new look this month as we really want to create a time for connection and sharing with YOU our community.

5am - Tune in, kriya or pranayam

530am - 630am chant

630am - 7am - Connect chat and close

This event is ONLINE and by donation.

To donate email for bank details.

You can tune in for as long or little as you like.

You can find the meditation instructions here:

And some more information on the Maa mantra here:

You can find the meditation instructions here:

And some more information on the Maa mantra here:

ZOOM LINK HERE - all monies goes to Bathurst Island Aboriginal Community


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