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A magical evening with Eayana

Eayana, the Sanctuary of Sound offers an opportunity to reconnect with your wholeness and find a sense of equilibrium during uncertain and transformational times. 

A carefully cultivated sound journey that combines Eayana’s live music with yoga poses, breath-work and meditation. Aimee facilitates the journey with an open heart and the knowledge she gained from studying and practising Kundalini Yoga.

Eayana is a collaboration between Aimee da Roza and Zane Thompson who are both multi-instrumentalists with a talent for creating ambient soundscapes that lull their listeners to a deep state of peace and relaxation. Their deeply heart felt music nourishes the soul using an array of instruments, creating a sonic journey that ebbs and flows like the breath. The body vibrates to the sounds of the Didgeridoo, Navajo Flutes, Crystal Singing Bowl, Medicine Drum and Reverie Harp. (Just to name a few).

Along with soulful songs, heartfelt harmonies and uplifting lyrics that invite their listeners to an otherworldly space and harmonic state of being.

This is an event not to be missed. These two beautiful humans vibrate love and kindness through every sound their create together

Sunday 20th - 6-8pm Collective Healing Centre

For more information and tickets reach out to Aimee -


Devpreet  0418 884 624 


199-201 King Street, Newtown Sydney

We are above the Modern Times bookshop and art store. Enter via Egan Street.

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