A Goal is Dream with a Deadline

Updated: Jul 26


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July’s Full Moon is a wondrous magical time and is calling out for you to practice some self-reflection. The Full Moon is known as the Buck Full Moon where there is fruition in what we want to manifest in our lives.

The masculine buck energy brings spiritual themes of strength and ambition into this season of abundance. Use this energy to help fuel your goals and intentions, now is not the time for procrastination. Do your best to avoid distractions. Ask yourself what small goals can you let go of, so you can prioritize and focus on accomplishing your bigger priorities.

With the astrological influence of Aquarius and Venus playing their part in the moon energy and this can create irritability and inner tension that can make it very difficult to relax. This irritation is caused by trying to balance polarities in your life. This irritation applies mainly to intimate relationships, self-worth, and finances because of the involvement of Venus.

So moderation and self-control are the keys to reducing irritability and finding the right balance in your love life and with your finances. Once again, we are reminded to focus your energy on fewer, rather than too many goals.

July Full Moon Journal Prompts

  • Congratulate yourself for all your achievements for 2021! Make a list and show yourself gratitude for all that you have achieved.

  • How can you improve your focus on our time?

  • Name a person that you would like to improve your relationship with before the year ends. Why?

  • How can you celebrate you and all that is you?

Friday 23rd July at 7 pm - 8.30pm.

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